Einträge in MUN around the world
C-MIMUN 2019 - From Russia with Love

by Kiril Lavrov

While visiting my hometown of Zelenograd on the northwestern edge of Moscow last April, I have decided to explore Eastern Europe's largest Model United Nations conference. The Moscow International Model United Nations (MIMUN) takes place annually since 1989 and have moved to the Moscow State University of International Relations in 1999. Since 2017 they also carry the Name of Vitaly Churkin, to honour Russia's late former ambassador to the United Nations.

MUN has no borders - Semester abroad in Dublin, Ireland

When I started the University in Germany I decided it was time to try something new and was reluctant to go back to MUN… “A new era was starting”, that is what I used to say. However I might have also been afraid to go back to something I loved, but with different people, in a different, more professional atmosphere….and also at the other side of the world. Time passed and at the end I could not resist the temptation and went back to MUN in Mannheim. I met wonderful people and I can honestly say it is a decision I will never regret. It was like having a bit of home in a completely new city for me. Two years passed, incredibly fast I should add, and soon I was exploring another city: DUBLIN.

MUN in Konstanz

It’s October and you’ve probably settled into the new semester and have eagerly prepared for our MUN sessions or are already excited for the conference you are planning to attend this semester.

But have you ever wondered how MUN might be at a different university? Maybe you have already heard different ideas for sessions from other delegates you met or thought of a cool idea for our society and wondered if that has already been done.