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Mini Conference 2019

The time has come for the annual Mini Conference of MUN Mannheim!

You have recently discovered passion for MUN and are looking for more practice? Signed up for a conference but unsure how all it looks like from the start till the end?

Now you have a chance to get a real MUN experience, all in ONE DAY!

A beginner-friendly debate will this time unfold in the Human Rights Council! Topic on the agenda: Establishing rights for the LGBT community.

A fairly influential matter of discussion in recent decades, the situation regarding the rights of LGBT people varies greatly from one region to another. There are countries who have fully integrated the idea of equality regardless of sexual orientation whilst in other societies the debate on sexuality and gender identity has been deemed as inept. Can the member states ever put their differences aside and find a reasonable compromise, worthy to be adopted by the Human Rights Council? On September 21st, we'll find out!

A relaxing social after the heated debates is guaranteed, as always.

Späteres Event: 9. Oktober
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