Our society

Founded in 2009, our society has formed to provide a platform for discussion of current events and global concerns in an institutionalized UN format at the University of Mannheim. Our society offers weekly sessions, workshops, guest talks by high profile representatives of politics, journalism or NGOs, support in participation in international conferences and a series of exciting unique monthly events. Thereby, members not only get the chance to become familiar with MUN practices, prepare for conferences and turn into active MUN participants, but also socialize and network with fellow internationally oriented and politically interested students.

Currently, our society has about 150 members, coming from all university departments and diverse personal backgrounds. All of our events are open to members and non-members as well as guests from other universities and non-students. Anyone and everyone is welcome to become members. Membership does not carry any formal obligations, and you are free to choose your degree of commitment and involvement within the society. Feel free to drop by the weekly sessions whenever you feel like it or partake in one of our many projects or conference trips. It is never too late to join! Don't worry about your experience or lack of personal connections - we want to feel everyone welcome in our diverse community, and the society maintains a plethora of opportunities for all kinds of people.

As a member of MUN Mannheim e.V., you have the opportunity to dive into the world of international diplomacy and get to know the inner workings of the UN and contribute to shaping one of the University of Mannheim's most prominent student associations. Members receive financial support for their domestic and international conference trips. We also cannot mention enough of how great of a bonding experience this is! Read more about why you should try MUN and learn about what we do: