Every year MUN Mannheim sends 10-15 delegations, representing our society and university, to international and domestic conferences, where the United Nations and various other governing bodies are simulated in competitive debates. Delegates defend the position of an assigned role as a country representative and participate in the composition of a legal document, which they try to influence in their delegations favor. Weeks or months in advance of a conference, they extensively research the issue and their assigned stance and train during our weekly sessions or designated pre-conference preparations. Mannheim delegates often are among the best and frequently receive Best Delegate- and Diplomacy-awards. Being part of a conference delegation is a strong bonding experience as fellow delegates often return from a trip as friends. One also makes connections to many like-minded students and professionals from all over the world. Generally, the atmosphere at MUN conferences is very social - this is why we also embrace single delegations. Starting from 2019, we financially support the conference trips of society members.

Conferences are a rewarding experience for both seasoned debaters striving for academic excellence and beginners seeking new challenges. To account for experience, conferences often feature committees in different categories, usually ranging from Beginner to Expert. There is no reason to be afraid of diving into the MUN world, and it is never too late to start.

In the academic year 2019/20 we are sending delegations to Malta, Oxford, St. Gallen, Malmö, Karlsruhe, Edinburgh, Moscow as well as the Harvard WorldMUN, which takes place in Tokyo next year. Learn more about our planned trips.



MUN Mannheim has a tradition of organizing larger events for the students, including workshops and talks by fascinating speakers. Among our guests were German federal television anchor Klaus Kleber and former UN diplomat Hans-Christof von Sponeck. Throughout the academic year 2019/20, we have planned several monthly events - each of which will present a unique project that will open new opportunities to students at our university and beyond.

Upcoming events:



Since 2017 we organize our annual one-day Mini-Conference in Mannheim in September. Register here.


Climate Negotiations Study

In October, the Economic Faculties of the Universities of Munich, Jena and Bern will be conducting a scientific study on international climate change negotiations in cooperation with MUN Mannheim. Apply here.

Joint November Conference Preparation

Traditionally, MUN Mannheim goes to a wide array of conferences in November. This year we are traveling to TICS, SGMUN and KaMUN. The delegations will use the opportunity to jointly prepare for their trips in early November. More information follows.



MUN Mannheim meets for weekly sessions in order to discuss current global concerns and international crises in a relaxed atmosphere. Our weekly sessions comply with the traditional MUN format and are held entirely in English, with a given topic and an assigned country for each participant.

Usually, a selected topic is discussed over the course of several weeks and finalised with the finding of a solution to the debated problem. However, attendance is not mandatory and members can join into the debates at any given time, granting our monday meetings a relaxed and open atmosphere. Our weekly sessions provide a great opportunity for novices to get a grasp of what Model United Nations is like and serve as a preparation for conferences.

Formal debate usually ends around 8.30 pm, often turning into informal gatherings where members can get to know each other, plan conference trips and discuss international politics besides the chosen session topic.


MaMUN Conference

MaMUN was one of Germany’s most famous MUN conferences, which took place between 2010 and 2016 in the Mannheim baroque castle. At many conferences, we still meet delegates from all over the world who never hesitate to share their sweet memories from a beloved event, which is no more. But brace yourselves! MaMUN might be back soon - more sophisticated than ever. Herefore we rely on the support of the MUN community and our sponsors. Contact us if you want to know more or wish to contribute.