Heidelberg National MUN - Hardworking during the holidays

HMUN delegation 2016.jpg

Nine delegates of our society attended the 6th National MUN conference in Heidelberg from the 9th to the 10th of January. Consisting of three committees, SOCHUM, Security Council and European Council, the conference was small but certainly not less fun than the “big brothers” as regarding both the debates and the social on Saturday evening.

The topic of the conference could not have been more relevant to the current political situation: refugees. Every committee has been discussing this topic with a different focus leading to very intensive debates concerning broad aspects.In the European Council the delegates discussed about a solution of the current crisis and how to prevent future crises. Considering the current situation in Europe the discussion was overly interesting and also very emotional.The Security Council discussed about a solution in the Middle East and actually achieved to find a solution USA and Russia were able to agree on. The biggest committee of the conference was the double-delegate committee SOCHUM. It provided a new experience for almost all of the delegates and has therefore been especially thrilling.

We want to thank the organization team, especially Jeremy Schmidt and Lutz Mager for this great conference and the exciting social.

Also a special congratulation to Max Wosnitza and Daniela Chevarry for their excellent performance as Saudi-Arabia in the SOCHUM committee which has been rewarded with a best delegate award.