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Awareness about the United Nations and world affairs

MUN Mannheim is one of the largest student organizations at the University of Mannheim. By organizing various activities throughout the academic year our society aims to provide a platform for local students to discuss and learn about current affairs. We offer an insight into the world of diplomacy and international relations. Participating students learn about the inner workings of the United Nations and how its various organs shape policies.

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Cultural Exchange

MUN Mannheim regularly send delegations to MUN conferences in Europe and beyond. During each conference students from all around the world meet and work together. MUN conferences are the perfect place to boost intercultural exchange and understanding between young students.


Development of professional skills

MUN Mannheim provides an ideal place for students to gain valuable experience in elocution and negotiations. Students improve their foreign language skills, train public speaking and learn to work efficiently in a team. Students independently become acquainted with previously unknown subjects in a short period of time and train to work in stressful situations under a lot of time pressure. Important skills, which are useful in many careers.


Position your company or institution as a future employer

Companies establish direct contact with young, dedicated and active future academics and position themselves as responsible employers. Via MUN Mannheims social media presence and other means your company can reach out to a big group of young and highly motived and skilled students.

If you are interested in supporting our society and would like more information about the benefits of being a sponsor of Model United Nations Mannheim e.V., please contact our Fundraising Officer at fundraising@mun-mannheim.de.