We from MUN Mannheim feel deeply connected to our city and the surrounding region. A short love confession.

Come visit us in Mannheim!


Not only is Mannheim the third largest city in Baden-Württemberg, it is actually also the home of the second largest Baroque castle in Europe after Versailles, though it is to be noted that our castle has more windows.

Located in the castle is the University of Mannheim, one of the most prestigious universities in Germany. UMA frequently scores highly in international rankings, especially in business and economics. The institution is not only remarkable because of its academic excellence, but also boasts a vibrant student life.


Consumers can enjoy “die Planken”, the large outdoor mall, or Q6Q7 if they feel like shopping indoors. And of course, there is the National Theatre and the Planetarium as well as multiple museums and smaller stages to satisfy the cultural mind.

The rich history of the city is embodied not only by the castle, but also by the Watertower of Mannheim, a historic landmark which was built in 1889 and annually serves as the location for one of the three Christmas markets in Mannheim and year-round as popular Instagram background.


The university grounds directly connect with downtown, the “Quadrate”, which is built following a very pragmatic grid system. Consequently it is rather difficult to get lost in the city geographically, but not culturally;
Mannheim offers a variety of scenes and activities for all tastes and spirits. One can be active on the various bike trails or sport facilities, but also just relax on the banks of either the Neckar or the Rhine, the two rivers Mannheim is situated at.