Conferences are an integral part of every MUN journey, but also an excellent opportunity to pursue your academic interests, sharpen your public speaking and negotiation skills and to develop personal relationships. However, the financial burden of travel can be a significant constraint, and to seek these opportunities is harder for some than for others. To make our community more inclusive, we introduce a financial support scheme for members of the society in the academic year 2019/20. In the winter term, anyone, who has been a member of MUN Mannheim e.V. for no longer than four months, can apply for Conference Grants, which are typically 50 Euro. For most of our established domestic and international conference trips, this is sufficient to cover 25%-50% of travel and conference expenses. In the spring term, any member of the society is eligible for financial support.

Conference Grants are allocated either on a quota-basis for several established conferences or on the first-come-first-serve-principle for single delegations or new conferences.

You can informally apply for a Conference Grant by approaching your head delegate, any member of the managing board or sending a message to our President or Vice President.