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Kick-Offs coming up!

Have you been doing MUN before or have always been interested in checking it out? Or have you always wondered what exactly MUN really is? Take your chance and join our kick-off, either on Monday 11th 09 or 18th 09 (or both days if you wish!!) and get together with us, meet new faces and discover the world of Model UN at the University of Mannheim. We'll tell you a few exciting things, get you started with MUN (as much as you want to of course) and have a fun evening. We'll have drinks and pizza provided :)
We're excited to meet you!

CHAIR Application

The Chairing Application for the upcoming MaMUN in 2017 will open the 1st of December.

The theme of the conference will be Latin America, a region with a high economic and political potential but also several crisis and problems: the economic situation in Venezuela, the political scandals in Brazil or the FARC rebel situation in Colombia.

More information will follow soon at our website.

So, get ready to be part of our team at our amazing conference which will be from 5th to 7th of May 2017!

In dialogue with a diplomate - Guest talk with Martin Kobler

We are very honored and proud to announce, that Martin Kobler will be attending the Opening Ceremony of MaMUN 2016. Mr. Kobler will be interviewed for about 30 minutes by the Secretary General of MaMUN, asking him all kinds of questions concerning his career, his working environment, intercultural experiences and his private life. The floor will then be open for questions from the audience. The Guest talk will be open for anyone who is interested to come.