KAMUN 2016 For the Win

KAMUN 2016 delegation.png

Award rain at KAMUN 2016

On Friday 18th November noon, the MUN Mannheim delegation set off for Karlsruhe to attend KAMUN 2016. The KAMUN conferences have been a great conference for our MUN-first-timers ever since. And this year is no exception: 15 of our 20 delegates were looking forward to have their very first (university) MUN-experience.

After a 30-minutes-walk we arrived at our hostel where we quickly changed into formal business attire. After the first session in their committees in which the delegates introduced themselves to one another, all participants headed over to the Karlshochschule where the first social took place. Great people, good music and tasty food made everyone feel at ease.
On Saturday, the sessions became more intense and the debates in the committees heated up. In the evening, all KAMUN participants met at the conference venue to have some Pizza and prepared for clubbing. Everyone was in great mood and soon more and more people filled the dance floor. After a mannequin challenge, the conference manager led the whole group to the club Stadtmitte.

The final day of the conference was as in every conference the decisive one. Only the ones who managed to fight their tiredness and who were able to stay focussed, could preserve their chances to be successful in their committees. Fortunately, at least most of our society members, even though every one of them took part in all socials, managed to find the right balance of socializing and sleeping.
When the closing ceremony started, everyone was impatiently awaiting the award ceremony. Chair after chair came to the front and gave a short overview of the happenings in their committees until they finally distributed the papers, every MUN-participant aims to win one day.
The first one to obtain an award was Hannes who became best delegate in his crisis committee for his great performance as president of the Turkish teacher’s union. After the handing-over of Hannes award, the others were obtained in quick succession: In the end, one best delegate and four distinguished delegate awards were won by Frederik, Hannes, Isabella, Luis and Tom.

MUN Mannheim was able to win an award in every committee its delegates took part in. KAMUN 2016 will be remembered as MUN Mannheim’s most successful participation ever at a MUN conference.