WorldMUN 2017

Harvard WorldMUN Montréal

We are delighted to introduce this year's WorldMun Delegation, 14 of our best members are going to travel to Canadá in order to represent the University of Mannheim in one of the most renowned MUN conferences in the world.

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MUN has been a great part of my life even before High School. Every conference I attended strengthened my belief in the power of diplomacy and political will. I am also aware of the wider world and reaffirm my role as a world citizen. If there is something I have learned during this journey, is that one’s identity transcends geography or political borders. I truly believe, that attending the Harvard World Model of United Nations is going to be a very enriching and engaging experience. Sharing my ideas in the most internationally diverse MUN conference is an experience that I truly want to take advantage of. I am really happy to make part of the team and I am sure that we are going to have a blast in Montreal!

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I enjoy doing MUN mostly because I like looking at conflicts from a different perspective. You get to see a completely new aspect you might have never thought of and whether you agree or not, you need to defend it. It gives you a new look at how life and politics works in different countries.

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I believe MUN teaches you how one of the most important organisations in today's world works and functions and it does so in the best way possible: You get active yourself and become part of it. MUN teaches you to think differently and to act within an official framework. And it doesn't stop at your own country's boarders- most times when doing MUN it won't even start there but in fact take you to completely different states and therefore different cultures and political views. It really changes your mindset. Apart from that it's obviously real fun and you meet like-minded people from all over the world.

WorldMUN I believe will again be something different as it is the biggest and most international if I may say conference I have ever attended. The level is different and I think it'll be really challenging and exciting to be a part of this conference. Long story short the Harvard World MUN combines academic and political issues with fun, individual challenges and social interaction and does so on an international floor.

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I’m doing MUN for around one year now and visited eight conferences. So MUN became a big part in my life and I enjoyed it a lot so far. It was a blast to visit so many different but exciting conferences. But now with WorldMUN I have the possibility to experience a whole new level of MUN and I’m really grateful for that. I'm looking forward to the trip and conference experience in Montréal next year with all the delegates of MUN Mannheim e.V.


With the conference just around the corner many things that this conference represents are becoming clearer. The teambuilding and preparation that we as a delegation have done has elevated it above being just another conference, but it is more so than anything the pinnacle of my time and work as a part of MUN Mannheim.

WorldMUN will at the same time be a somewhat fitting conclusion to my career as a delegate which started, unsuccessfully, at last year's selection workshop and will now after many twists and deviations conclude at the very destination I originally had in mind.

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WorldMUN gives me opportunities to both improve my own skills and interact with many new people. The possibility to test my abilities on one of the largest stages in the world and at the same time enhance these capacities is something I hope to take advantage of. Also, the chance to interact with a group of people as international, as interesting and as brilliant as in Montreal is a rarity and I will make every moment of it count.

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I feel honored to be able to go to WorldMUN. WorldMUN helps us as young students to develop ourselves. To be in a position to fight for human rights and to talk about problems which every country faces, that is what makes MUN so special. Even though it is just a simulation, it acquires attention and makes me aware of what I would like to do in the future.


Having had the chance to attend WorldMUN last year in Rome, I am aware of what of a unique experience this event is. I am very happy to be able to participate in this years edition in Montreal again. For me, WorldMUN is far more than just a huge MUN conference, it brings people, cultures and ideas from all other the world together on a scale that is not matched by any other conference. This unparalleled mixture is what makes WorldMUN worth attending for me.

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I got in touch with MUN during my freshman year at university. After my first conference the thing that MUN people call the “MUN-spirit” caught me. I was impressed by the great personalities that I met. In my opinion, MUN is all about the people. There’s nothing else which comes even close to debating and socializing with people who are that passionate about international issues as MUNers are. Participating at Harvard WorldMUN 2017 means everything to me. For me it is a dream coming true. It is a great honour to be part of this great delegation, maybe the most talented delegation that MUN Mannheim ever sent to a World MUN. It has to be our goal and our duty to be successful. For the sake of the future of our society.

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WorldMUN is one of the most prestigious conferences in the world. This year’s edition takes place in Canada, a country that has recently proven to be welcoming and open minded. Now that we are living in interesting times, witnessing history, I find it more important than ever to try to understand what is happening in the world. And what better way to do it than by sharing and listening to the thoughts from people all over the planet?

MUN has been part of my life for the last 7 years, but every journey comes to and end and I am grateful because WorldMUN gives me the unique opportunity to say goodbye at a high level conference surrounded by some of my best friends.

I am really excited to be part of this highly motivated delegation as I know that we are all trying to make this a better place.

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The Harvard WorldMUN includes everything Model United Nations is about: ambition, politics, classiness, strategizing, partying and most important friendship. Doing MUN for over 3 years, participating in nearly 20 conferences across Europe, each new conference feels like attending a family event. I am meeting people, I have seen several times during the last years and with my MUN career coming to an end, for me this years’ Harvard WorldMUN in Montreal will be the last big meeting of its kind.

I am glad and honored to experience all of that alongside this years` MUN Mannheim Delegation and looking forward taking over the role of the Netherlands in the NATO Committee.

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First introduced to the exciting world of Model United Nations during my undergraduate studies in Mannheim, I have attended a variety of MUNs throughout Germany and Europe, gathering experience as a delegate in both regular committees and crisis simulations as well as behind the scenes as part of the crisis simulation staff. I am eagerly looking forward to participating in WorldMUN 2017 due to its challenging large-scale debates and the famous and reportedly amazing socials.

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MUN has been a deep passion of mine for over 4 now. Ever since I had my first conference at school I instantly fell in love with debating and finding out about different countries views on various topics. For me it is fascinating how sometimes you have to concede to the reasoning of countries to which you would never believe you’d find anything in common with. Gaining this insight and making those discoveries were my main reasons for taking part in MUNs before and Harvard Worldmun with its great diversity is the best place to keep gathering such experiences.

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I go to the MUN sessions at my university because I thoroughly enjoy debating political topics with other people. MUN offer a rather wide spectrum of possible topics when compared to various other political organizations. Furthermore it is always intriguing to assume an utterly different position compared to the one, I usually have. This obviously encourages participants to hone their debating skills under different circumstances.

WorldMUN is the culmination of this world-wide organization. It is by far more demanding and serious than weekly sessions or even conferences. While enjoying debates with others in a friendly and relaxed environment is undoubtedly important, a serious and more competitive environment will perhaps have more long-lasting effects. Participants must hone their skills and performance to be seriously. Being a competitive and ambitious individual myself, I eagerly look forward to this upcoming challenge.