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C-MIMUN 2019 - From Russia with Love

by Kiril Lavrov

While visiting my hometown of Zelenograd on the northwestern edge of Moscow last April, I have decided to explore Eastern Europe's largest Model United Nations conference. The Moscow International Model United Nations (MIMUN) takes place annually since 1989 and have moved to the Moscow State University of International Relations in 1999. Since 2017 they also carry the Name of Vitaly Churkin, to honour Russia's late former ambassador to the United Nations.

BerlinMUN Conference 2015

MUN Mannheim member Max Welz used his summer holidays to participate at BerlINMUN, which was held in german capital Berlin in the first week of August. He represented the delegate of Italy in the Council of the European Union which dealt with the topic „Mare Europaeum - The need for a cohesive european migration strategy“ discussing a reform of european asylum policy. As we all know, refugees are daily drowning in the Mediterranean during their attempt to reach Europe, so this issue urgently needs to be discussed in real politics as well.